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Feasibility Study of 6 pilot projects for cultural heritage development and their integration in the creation of employment for local development

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 106 576
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
January 2012
End date
October 2012
Number of staff provided
118 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

Tunisia was among the first North African countries that have adopted the integration of culture in the process of development and implementation of cultural policies in this regard.

The specific objective of this mission is to undertake a study on the feasibility of 6 pilot projects in the regions of Kasserine (Flaidra), Kef (city of Kef), Gafsa (Le Sned), Sidi Bouzid (City of Sidi Bouzid), Kairouan (Oueslatia) and Siliana (Makthar) for the enhancement of cultural heritage and its integration into local development to create jobs.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of one senior expert. Core services include:

  • Assessing the current situation and the cultural potential in pilot areas of regions targeted by the study;
  • Identification of foreign experience in related fields that can be transferred to Tunisia and / or innovative projects that can ensure targeted objectives (cultural dynamics, promotion of local development, social cohesion);
  • Definition of needs in terms of infrastructure, equipment, training and costs for the six sites;
  • Developing a comprehensive document with budget estimates, schedule of Implementation and M&E arrangements for the six sites;
  • Presentation of projects to various institutional partners.

PROMAN HQ provides overall backstopping and quality control.

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