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Evaluation of conditionalities for final payments of the 2 EC programmes in Support to Jordan’s Education Reform and Identification of of new interventions in support to Human Resource Development and Social Protection

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 180 712
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
June 2010
End date
September 2010
Number of staff provided
6 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The EC has currently 2 programmes in support to Jordan’s education reform:

  • A Programme to support Jordan’s National Education reform of 42 Million Euros of which 40.1 Million are channelled through Sector Budget Support;
  • A Special Measure on DCI Middle East funds to support Jordan’s public education system to cope with the increase in demand caused by the large influx of Iraqi refugees for 26.68 million Euros of which 26.48 Million channelled through Sector Budget Support.

The Government of Jordan is fully responsible for the implementation of the programmes with the facilitation of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC). The beneficiary is the Ministry of Education. Disbursement of the Sector Budget support components is effected directly to the Jordanian Treasury and each disbursement is released after the positive evaluation of compliance with the conditionalities by the responsible European Commission service. The objective of this assignment is to assist the EU Delegation with the assessment of the conditionalities to release the final payments. To this end the consultants will

  • Assess all the conditionalities, indicators and targets of the budget support component of the programmes and their performance to date for disbursement purposes;
  • Verify the fulfilment of the conditionalities of indicators considered as achieved with site visits.

A Rider to the contract is signed to add the identification of new interventions in support to Human Resource Development and Social Protection.The objective is to describe the current state of affairs and identify and justify possible EU support in 2011.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of the Team Leader and Cambridge Education the services of a Public Finance Education Expert, together they:

  • Collect and transmit all the relevant information and documentation;
  • Analyse the conformity of the documentation obtained with the modalities of confirmation stipulated in the conditionality matrixes for each specific tranche and programme;
  • If not realised, indicate what proportion of the conditions has been complied with and the reasons for not achieving the conditions and recommended actions for future steps;
  • Update and review the progress made towards the compliance of the conditions, estimating the disbursements linked to the compliance of the indicators/targets;
  • Verify on the spot the compliance of the specific conditions’ conditionalities already paid in the second and third tranches. The estimated number of visits is no less than 250.

For the Second part a Social Protection Expert joins the Team. The team:

  • Prepares a draft analytical report on policies, strategies programmes and donor coordination;
  • Prepares an identification fiche, logframe matrix and triggers for disbursement;
  • Integrates comments from Quality Steering Group.

PROMAN manages the assignment.

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