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Elaboration of a Strategy and a Multi-Annual Plan for Support to the Study and Planning Department and the Finance Administration of the Ministry of Basic Education and Literacy

Burkina Faso
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 87 400
Origin of funding
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Consortium members
Start date
October 2007
End date
January 2008
Number of staff provided
4.4 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The objectives of the Basic Education Ten Year Plan (PDDEB) of Burkina Faso as adopted in 1999 are to increase the education level of the population in general and in rural areas in particular, to enhance the institutional capacity of within the sector, to reduce gender inequalities, and to promote decentralision and deconcentration. The Second Phase starting in 2008 will ask for increase capacity in analysis, decision making and management within the Ministry of Basic Education and Alphabetision (MEBA) and in particular of the Financial Directory (DAF) and the Study and Planning Directory (DEP).

The EC supports the basis education sector through two financial instruments: A General Budget support within the framework of the Poverty Reduction Strategy of which part is disbursed on the basis ofbasic education related performance indicators and aSector Budget Support “Education for All” financed by the Fast Track Initiative over the period 2006-2008.Extra funds for institutional support within the basic education sector are allocated, part of which will be used for the strengthening of the DEP and the DAP.

The objectives of this assignment are twofold:

  • To assist the MEBA with the preparation of a strategy and an overall action plan for the strengthening of the capacity of the DEP and the DAF;
  • Propose financing documents in view of the specific institutional support of the EC to both Directories.

The experts will:

  • Examine both directories in terms of responsibilities, tasks, budget and financing and propose improvements on the basis of a five year programme including a cost evaluation;
  • Analyse the planning process against the context of the decentralization process, sector strategy and the second phase of the PDDEB and propose improvements;
  • Analyze the process and timing of tools produced and the utilization by different government levels to improve streamlining with the state budget cycle and phasing in line with the M&E of the PDDEB & CSLP;
  • Evaluate the communication systems and design quantitative / financial Intranet-Extranet Information;
  • Make a detailed audit of each Directory, including for the DAF: analysis of the alignment to the State Budget Cycle; the public procurement procedures, the deconcentrated credit system, the monitoring, the financial data analysis capacity and propose measures for improvement.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of two experts:

  • An expert in institutional strengthening and capacity building;
  • An expert with experience in sector policy and capacity building specifically in the finance sector.

The experts produce at the end of the Identification Mission two reports:

  • Volume 1: Analytical report on the present situation of both Directories and a Proposal for a Support Strategy with a Multi-Annual Action Plan;
  • Volume 2: A Proposal specifically for EC financing which needs to be specific justified and properly budgeted.

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