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Elaboration of a Strategy and a Multi-Annual Plan for Support to the Study and Planning Department and the Finance Administration of the Ministry of Basic Education and Literacy – Phase II

Burkina Faso
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 175 383
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
January 2009
End date
May 2009
Number of staff provided
160 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The objectives of the Basic Education Ten Year Plan (PDDEB) of Burkina Faso as adopted in 1999 are to increase the education level of the population in general and in rural areas in particular, to enhance the institutional capacity of within the sector, to reduce gender inequalities, and to promote decentralising and de-concentration. The Second Phase starting in 2008 will ask for increased capacity in analysis, decision making and management within the Ministry of Basic Education and Alphabetising (MEBA) and in particular of the Financial Directory (DAF) and the Study and Planning Directory (DEP).

The EC supports the basis education sector through two financial instruments: A General Budget support within the framework of the Poverty Reduction Strategy of which part is disbursed on the basis of basic education related performance indicators and a Sector Budget Support “Education for All” financed by the Fast Track Initiative over the period 2006-2008.Extra funds for institutional support within the basic education sector are allocated, part of which will be used for the strengthening of the DEP and the DAP.

In 2007 the EC financed a first study to assist the MEBA with the preparation of a strategy and an overall action plan for the strengthening of the capacity of the DEP and the DAF and to propose financing documents in view of the specific institutional support of the EC to both Directories.

A second Study has been requested to establish a capacity development strategy at central and de-concentrated level of the DEP and the DAF. The Study will propose measures to improve the functioning of both structures on central and de-concentrated level including a five year capacity strengthening and training programme (2009-2013) and a cost estimate, the first year to be integrated in the Annual Action Plan of MEBA.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of two of the three experts:

  • HRD Expert (Team Leader);
  • Expert in de-concentration/decentralization specifically in the basic education sector.

A third expert in Public Finance is provided by DRN.

The experts:

  • Review all documentation, attend a briefing, finalise approach, methodology and work plan;
  • Conduct visits to de-concentrated offices of MEBA in Est and Boucle du Mouhoun;
  • Back in Ouagadougou, work with the Technical Committee, MEBA and other technical and financial partners;
  • Prepare an Aide Mémoire to be presented at a Wrap Up Meeting;
  • Draft Final Report including a Multiannual Capacity Development Plan at central and de-concentrated level for DEP and DAF with lines of intervention, prioritised activities and cost estimates.

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