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Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy (ERFKE I) Project : TA for the Development of the Special Needs Education Programme

EC Delegation
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 128 256
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
June 2007
End date
April 2008
Number of staff provided
178 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

A new vision for education and an integrated national strategy for education in Jordan are being put in place as part of the Education for Knowledge Economy Project (ERfKE I). This process will enable Jordan to meet the challenges of becoming a knowledge society and competing in the global marketplace.

The core elements of ERfKE are based upon the comprehensive and integrated development of curriculum, training, assessment, and learning resources to support the new education directions. The Curriculum and Learning Assessment Framework (2003) provides the conceptual guidance for developing curriculum for all grade levels and all core subjects within the five-year duration of the ERfKE Project. Development includes the inclusion and application of specific learning outcomes, teacher guides, sample units, new text books and e-learning materials.

With the need for program development for special needs’ students, the Ministry has been seeking international guidance. The major objective is to review the current special education programming and curriculum, as it relates to special needs students (blind and visual impaired; hearing loss; mild intellectual disabilities; severe to profound mental retardation; learning disabilities and gifted students), benchmark programs against international standards and make recommendations for improvement.

Type of services provided

The expert team consisted of a total of 6 experts targeted at specific special needs students:

  • Visual impairment (15 m/d);
  • Hearing loss (16 m/d);
  • Mild intellectual disabilities (30 m/d);
  • Severe to profound mental retardation (33 m/d);
  • Learning disabilities (30 m/d);
  • Gifted education (54 m/d).

PROMAN provided the services of the Gifted Education Expert. Core services included:

  • Review current gifted education in Jordan (objectives, outcomes, contents, tools);
  • Prepare a report that sets out international standards for the education of gifted and talented students, and benchmark Jordan’s programs against these standards;
  • Prepare a report with recommendations to meet international standards as appropriate;
  • Train staff in implementing approved changes.

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