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Education Advisor to the National Authorising Officer and the EC Delegation in Sudan

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 100 860
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
November 2009
End date
September 2010
Number of staff provided
80 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

Education is one of the two focal sectors for the EC Delegation in Sudan. Since 2005 the Delegation has supported projects in improvement of basic education and enhancement of decentralization and planning capacities at Federal and State level. Under the 9th EDF two strategic projects were developed with UN agencies support: a Baseline Educational Survey and an EMIS Program.In the South the EC intervention has been through the contribution to the MDTF South Sudan focusing on primary school students, IDPs, demobilised soldiers, and other non-traditional learners to have improved access to enhanced quality of education, alternate learning opportunities, development of life skills and basic occupational skill training.

In 2008 the GONU and development partners agreed to launch a joint sector policy reform programme with the objective to provide data and information on the current education system and needs, to develop an education sectors policy and strategic plan and to ensure improved capacity at Federal and State levels in SWAp and result based managing, budgeting an performance monitoring.

The TA requested under this contract will reinforce the capacity of the EC Delegation and the NAO in the implementation and the formulation of the Education programme.The Objectives of the assignment are:

  • Assist in improving implementation of EC support to education through enhanced dialogue with key partners, and advice on strategic/operational issues;
  • Monitor and assist in the supervision of the current 9th EDF support(EMIS project in Northern Sudan);
  • Provide the ECD with reliable information on the education sector in Northern Sudan and enhance coordination between EC, EU member states and other donors;
  • Provide technical support to the education sector strategic plan review and development initiatives jointly with UNICEF, World Bank and other partners;
  • Participate in selected consultative conferences and the national policy conference;
  • Provide technical support to the MoEST in Southern Sudan to implement the institutional capacity development component of the ERP, and to support the development of Phase II;
  • Enhance programme and contract management skills in the MoEST;
  • Provide advisory services to the MoEST to ensure that the education rehabilitation programme remains consistent with the GOSS Expenditure Priorities document 2008-11, the Ministry of Education’s Policy Framework, the Education Budget Sector Plan.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of a Senior Education Expertwith following tasks:

  • Provide analysis of education sector, including existing policy/strategy frameworks and emerging priorities, sector financing trends, and broad assessment of capacity building needs of national education institutions at federal and state levels;
  • Assist in design/monitoring of specific studies in the sector;
  • Act as the technical focal point for the development of subtle education sector projects;
  • Participate in drafting the revised education sector strategic and operational plans;
  • Monitor and as appropriate, undertake technical supervision of current EC support;
  • Assist in promoting improved coordination /harmonisation among main education partners;
  • Support and participate in (on behalf of EC/NAO) the UNICEF involvement in the Education Sector Support Programme (ESSP) and the WB Basic Education Programme under the MDTF;
  • Assist EC and GOS in identifying and following up on opportunities for development of a SWAp and with the formulation of the application for support under EFA-FTI.;
  • Ensure linkages where appropriate with broader public service / governance reforms.

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