Ref N° 34540

Develop an Updated MFMA Circular & Guidelines Draft Methodology

South Africa
National Treasury
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 23 250
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
PWC South Africa, UCT, DPRU, Indyebo
Start date
May 2010
End date
June 2010
Number of staff provided
23 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The assignment’s objective is to update MFMA Circular 13 reflecting the most recent developments in the budget and reporting formats, so as to ensure proper alignment between the IDP, budget documents, the SDBIP and the in-year and end-year reports. The overall objective has the following components:

  • Revisit MFMA Circular 13 updating the content and aligning it with the Municipal Budget and Reporting Regulations and other recent reform initiatives related to non-financial reporting;
  • Produce an MFMA SDBIP Guide (similar to the MFMA Budget Formats Guide) to assist municipalities develop SDBIP’s that are properly aligned to their IDP and annual budgets, and that will facilitate proper in-year and end-year reporting;
  • Produce an Excel Template to enable municipalities to reflect their in-year financial and non-financial targets, which can also be used as the basis for quarterly performance reporting;
  • Produce a tool that will guide national and provincial treasury officials how to assess the completeness and quality of SDBIPs that municipalities prepare;
  • Work closely with a dedicated team within the LGBA unit and ensure that transfer of knowledge and documentation of the comprehensive process and consultations are recorded and shared;
  • Including a final report compliant to the FMIP II and ODA-P reporting standards; and
  • Enable and facilitate the Chief Directorate, LGBA to introduce performance reporting against the SDBIP alongside the Section 71 publication process.

Type of services provided

The services were provided by a Senior PFM Specialist. Core services include:

  • Review existing’MFMA Circular 13′ and develop list of proposed key amendments;
  • Convert scope of work and agreed methodology to logical framework (logframe) format project planning/reporting as transmit ‘inception report’ to clients (CD LGBA);
  • Draft deliverables, debriefing and completion of drafts prior to consultation;
  • Finalise all deliverables, final project report, debriefing and completion of drafts prior to consultation;
  • Review performance indicator target requirements of national framework;
  • Draft MFMA SDBIP Guidelines;
  • Design and produce Excel template for SDBIP assessment;
  • Modify tools based on consultation feedback;
  • Modify MFMA Circular based on consultation feedback;
  • Modify SDBIP Guidelines based on consultation feedback;
  • Modify tools based on consultation feedback;
  • Final report.

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