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Consultancy on the Review of the System for Decentralized Textbooks Procurement and Distribution in Zambia

EC / Ministry of Education
Overall project value (EUR)
€ 93 927
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
January 2009
End date
April 2009
Number of staff provided
89 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

Despite major efforts in strengthening the textbook procurement and distribution system, major challenges of getting books to the end user still remains a major source of concern.Currently, the system lacks direction in the development of an integrated strategy for textbook procurement and distribution, one that would unify all purchase and supply of books to schools in the context of a decentralized system. The Ministry of Education has therefore proposed this consultancy.

The overall objective is to assess and review the system for textbook procurement and distribution with a view to identifying bottlenecks that have impeded effective implementation at different levels and to recommend corrective measures where possible that would speed up implementation and make the system most cost effective, transparent, efficient and accountable.

The scope of work will include but not limited to carrying out the following tasks:

  • Review existing information and literature on the textbook procurement and distribution system in Zambia;
  • Assess the effectiveness of the system in the provision of educational materials to the end user;
  • Establish the extent to which various stakeholders are aware of the procedures in the textbook procurement and distribution system in Zambia;
  • Advise and assist the Ministry on funding and adequacy of resources to strengthen the textbook procurement and distribution system;
  • Appraise and advice the Ministry in terms of roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders and players (booksellers and publishers, headquarters personnel, provincial and district personnel, head teachers, senior teachers and teachers, pupils and parents) and recommend any changes that may make the system more effective;
  • Review and revise the present payment system involving the supplier and the district level.

Type of services provided

PROMAN provides the services of two experts in education.

The experts will:

  • Prepare an inception report outlining the approach, methodology, details on the scope of the works to be conducted and sampling details for the proposed study;
  • Provide insight into the adequacy of the system to deliver textbooks in an efficient and cost effective manner and will provide specific and concrete recommendations for strengthening the system;
  • Organise and lead a workshop to disseminate preliminary findings, facilitate discussion among selected stakeholders and define a consensus on the scope and format of the recommendations;
  • Prepare a draft report with findings and recommendations to be finalised after the workshop.

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