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Assistance Technique du programme « Appui à la jeunesse au Maroc, PAJM »

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 2 365 250
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
IBF (lead)-Valyans
Start date
May 2022
End date
November 2024
Number of staff provided
2.260 w/d

Detailed description of project Back

The overall objective of the program of which this contract is a part is to improve the social and economic integration opportunities of vulnerable youth, particularly in the four pilot regions of the program and taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

The contract consists of providing timely, effective and efficient quality technical support (experts, logistical support and support staff) for the following specific objectives:

  • OP1: To support the strengthening of public policy governance for youth and projects carried out by the DJEAF;
  • OP2: Support the renewal of the service offer for youth and the professionalization of the profession of socio-cultural youth worker;
  • OP3: Support the institutionalization, development and operationalization of a volunteer program in the youth sector;
  • OP4: Contribute to strengthening the communication and mobilization strategy around youth and ensure the visibility of the “Support to Youth in Morocco” program.

The results will be achieved through the mobilization of consulting expertise and institutional, organizational and technical capacity building actions of the Ministry’s services, structures under supervision and project stakeholders.

R1. Governance (planning, budgeting, coordination, monitoring/evaluation) of the public youth policy and projects is strengthened

  • The planning, budgeting, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the public policy for youth (ministerial strategy and Integrated National Youth Policy);
  • The operationalization of the results-based approach for the piloting, planning, coordination, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of MCJS projects for youth (PMO approach);
  • Following the logic of the PMO approach, the piloting, planning, coordination, reporting and monitoring of the “Support to Youth in Morocco” program.

R2. The renewed service offer of the establishments under the supervision of the MCYS is developed and introduced in the pilot regions of the program and the profession of socio-cultural youth leader is professionalized

  • Introduction of a one-stop-shop approach for listening and referral to youth services in the 4 pilot regions, taking into account comparable initiatives carried out by the sectoral departments;
  • Development of an offer based on a logic of support for young people in their personal and professional development, taking into account local expectations, needs and realities;
  • Development and operationalization of a renewed offer of services, within the establishments under the supervision of the Ministry in the 4 pilot regions (youth centres, women’s homes, professionals, reception centres) as well as a renewed offer of the cultural travel program for youth;
  • On the basis of the job and competence referential for the socio-cultural animator, development of the required device for the professionalization of the job, the development of tools and competences for the orientation of the young people, and the development of a network of animators equipped to carry the logic of accompaniment of the young people’s path within the proximity establishments;
  • Establishment and operationalization of the new framework structuring the partnership between MCYS (central/regional) and civil society (standards for accreditation, management of establishments), allowing for the granting of subsidies in connection with the renewed service offer.

R3. The national volunteer program in the youth sector is up and running

  • Design and implementation of the envisaged structural model (National Volunteer Foundation);
  • Launch of the national volunteer program through capacity building and establishment of the formalities required for the recruitment, training and deployment of volunteers;
  • Recognition of the status of volunteer as an activity of the social and solidarity economy;
  • Strengthening Morocco’s participation in international volunteer programs within the framework of the Morocco-EU partnership (e.g., through Erasmus+ Youth).

R4. The communication of the Department of Youth (DJEAF) and the visibility of the PAJM program are strengthened

  • Strengthening of the MCYS internal communication (central/regional levels) on the policy carried by the DJEAF, its achievements and ongoing projects;
  • Strengthening of the external communication of MCYS towards the youth, partners and the public, concerning the policy, its achievements and the actions and opportunities for the youth;
  • Strengthening the visibility of the PAJM program, part of the Moroccan-EU partnership for the support of MCYS in the social and professional integration of vulnerable youth.

*Direction de la Jeunesse de l’Enfance et des Affaires Féminines

**Ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Culture

Type of services provided

  • Operationalization of the Integrated National Youth Policy, through the establishment of an efficient steering and coordination mechanism, planning, budgeting and monitoring of actions targeting youth carried out by the ministerial departments involved;
  • Diagnosis and support for the design of a renewed offer of services and programs for each type of local establishment (youth centres, women’s centres, vocational training centres and reception centres);
  • Deployment of a certification training system in accordance with the regulatory framework adopted by the MCJS;
  • Elaboration of tools for the animators (e.g. activity and project sheets…);
  • Supporting the development of the national volunteer program;
  • Supporting the improvement of internal and external communication on youth issues and improving the visibility of the government’s action and cooperation with the EU in the direction of youth.

Main staff provided:

  • Team leader specialist in youth support: 530 w/d
  • Expert in training engineering: 530 w/d
  • Planning expert: 200 w/d
  • Civil society expert: 100 w/d
  • Gender expert: 100 w/d
  • Communication expert: 200 w/d
  • Additional available expertise: 600 w/d

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