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Support integration of elearning into formal learning in Sudan by providing scripted lessons to teachers

Overall project value (EUR)
€ 312 104
Origin of funding
Proportion carried out by legal entity
Consortium members
Start date
December 2021
End date
December 2022
Number of staff provided
399 w/d

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In 2021, UNICEF has launched the platform Learning Passport in Sudan to provide local students and teachers with updated curriculum in a digital format and contribute to elearning development in the country.

The overall purpose of this consultancy is to support the integration of elearning into formal learning in Sudan. The specific objectives are to develop, implement, and assess a pedagogical framework that supports the integration of ICT into the formal education system through scripted lessons.

Based on education materials on Learning Passport, the expert team will design scripted lessons for teachers for the following grades and subjects – Arabic, English, Math, and Science for Grades 4 to 6, and further support implementation of developed lessons in five regions – East Darfur, Central Darfur, Kassala, South Kordofan and Khartoum. After that, evaluation of whether scripted instruction, integrated with the elearning tool, can result in improved learning outcomes and teaching practices, will be done.

The project serves as a pilot initiative with the intention to further integrate the practice of scripted lessons in other schools and regions of Sudan, if the method proves its effectiveness.

Type of services provided

  • Pedagogical model of scripted instructions for the Sudanese context;
  • Design of scripted lessons based on curriculum on Learning Passport for pilot subjects and grades (Arabic, English, Math, and Science for Grades 4 to 6);
  • Training of 50 trainers and 650 teachers on scripted lessons and elearning in education;
  • Implementation of scripted lessons in 50 experimental schools in five pilot regions (East Darfur, Central Darfur, Kassala, South Kordofan and Khartoum);
  • Baseline and end line studies to evaluate teaching practices and student performance;
  • Recommendations on further use of scripted lessons and elearning tools in formal education in Sudan.

Main staff provided:

  • Team leader (133 w/d);
  • Teacher training expert (133 w/d);
  • Senior M&E expert (44 w/d);
  • National M&E expert (89 w/d).

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