PROMAN has gained a leading position as a supplier of high quality services in a number of core sectors. Principal areas of specialisation relate to human and social development and governance.

Social inclusion and protection Back

Social protection can play a key role in reducing poverty and vulnerability. By increasing equity and providing protection against risk, social protection can support poverty reduction and inclusive growth, as well as supporting social cohesion and stability. The prioritisation of social inclusion and social protection in development cooperation has gained increasing importance in the light of the global financial and economic crisis. PROMAN is active in supporting developing countries in creating and strengthening social inclusion and assistance policies and systems.

The economies of developing countries are often characterised by high levels of informality, a low income tax base, relatively low budget allocations for social protection and highly segmented social insurance systems that generally benefit only a small minority in the formal sector. In low-income countries, the provision of social protection is often even more constrained by the relative lack of resources and, critically, by the weakness of public institutions.

Poverty alone is not a comprehensive marker of deprivation. Race, ethnicity, gender, religion, place of residence, disability status, age, HIV/AIDS status, or other stigmatized markers, confer a disadvantage that excludes people from a range of processes and opportunities. Social inclusion relates to the process of improving the terms for individuals and groups to take part in society.

PROMAN’s expertise focuses primarily on:

  • Social situation and impact analysis
  • Social policy institutions and their management
  • Social inclusion and assistance policies and systems (subsidies, cash transfers, special programmes for vulnerable and marginal groups e.g. the elderly, those with disabilities, female headed households, orphans, street children)


  • Technical Assistance to the 2nd project ’Fight Against Child Trafficking’, Benin
  • Provision of Support and Capacity Building to the National Integrated Social Information System (NISIS), South Africa
  • Technical Assistance to the Yemen Social Welfare Fund

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