PROMAN has gained a leading position as a supplier of high quality services in a number of core sectors. Principal areas of specialisation relate to human and social development and governance.

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Strong public financial management (PFM) systems are essential for effective and sustainable economic management and public service delivery. States are effective and accountable when they are underpinned by good PFM institutions and systems. PROMAN’s core expertise focuses on assessment, diagnosis and reform of PFM; and on budgeting (e.g. policy, planning, preparation, execution, reporting and audit).

Public finance management is at the very heart of how governments translate public resources into development results. Weak PFM systems in developing countries are a major constraint on delivering services to the public and, as more governments and donors prefer to deliver aid through domestic systems, PFM reforms are becoming ever more important.

PROMAN’s portfolio in this field has been growing over the past years. Key areas include:

  • Diagnosis of PFM system performance through tools such as the PEFA framework
  • Support to government-led and donor-supported PFM reform strategies
  • Strengthen country PFM systems linked to aid modalities such as general budget support and sector budget support
  • Strengthen capacity for planning and budgeting at national, local and sector levels
  • Improve transparency and effectiveness of policy orientation of the budget


  • Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the National Statistics Institute and Economic Analysis in the framework of the Joint Good Governance Support Project in the field of Public Finance Management and Statistics, Benin
  • Study on the feasibility and effectiveness of tax policy changes to support inclusiveness and sustainability of growth
  • Technical Assistance to Mpumalanga and North West province to strengthen the Provincial Treasuries in providing support with the implementation of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), South Africa

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