PROMAN has gained a leading position as a supplier of high quality services in a number of core sectors. Principal areas of specialisation relate to human and social development and governance.

Labour market and employment Back

Labour market and employment issues are closely linked to policies in macroeconomics, development, trade and investment, as well as to poverty reduction. There is an increasing tendency towards a global employment agenda, putting productive employment at the centre of development and poverty reduction policies. Human resource development (HRD) determines the pace and direction any society’s progress and its people’s well-being. PROMAN actively works on issues around employability, both on supply (education and skill development) and demand sides (characteristics of the labour market, labour market settings/management, job creation) and their interaction.

Without productive employment, it is impossible to achieve the goals of decent living standards, social and economic integration, personal fulfilment and social development.

The challenges are not the same in all countries, and what works in one situation will not necessarily be successful in another. Many low-income countries might initially have to focus on the creation of new productive jobs in the formal economy, on improving the unacceptable living and working conditions in the informal economy and on integrating the informal economy into the formal. In other countries, the focus can be on other elements such as better addressing skills shortages and transitions in the labour market.

Active employment policies are needed to enable people to find decent jobs. Individuals and households most often move out of poverty because of improvements related to their employment situation. However, in developing countries most jobs are characterised by low average earnings, violations of labour rights, and unsafe or difficult working conditions. The big challenge is therefore, not necessarily how to create more jobs, but how to create better jobs.

PROMAN provides technical support in the following main areas:

  • Labour market statistics and their application
  • Setting-up and managing labour market observatories
  • Support to employment services and offices
  • Policy and strategy development
  • Design and management of job creation programmes
  • Promoting decent work for all


  • Stimulating Sustainable Growth and Jobs Opportunities Programme, Lebanon
  • Support to the National Bureau of Employment and Local Employment Offices, FYROM
  • Support to programming EU-Algeria 2014-2017: Labour Market and Employment

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