PROMAN has gained a leading position as a supplier of high quality services in a number of core sectors. Principal areas of specialisation relate to human and social development and governance.

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Decentralisation has been put forward as a powerful tool to reduce poverty and improve governance. PROMAN’s expertise covers the spectrum of policy development, legislation, accountability, support to local authorities, community based development and the development and implementation of local multi-sector development strategies.

Over the last two decades, many central governments in developing countries have entrusted responsibilities to Local Authorities in country development processes, with a view to allowing the definition of public policies and service delivery on local realities. Decentralisation involves the transfer of a range of political authority and powers including revenue-raising, responsibilities in service delivery and financial, human and administrative resources from higher levels in the political system to public authorities at lower levels.

Local development planning is a vital process that allows local governments and the people they represent to take control of and shape their futures. Local development planning involves input and participation from a broad cross-section of the community and other stakeholders. This guarantees that the authority most close to the people is harnessing the best resources possible in planning its future, as well as providing an all-important forum for civic participation, ownership and engagement.

PROMAN’s expertise focuses primarily on:

  • Establishment of a conducive legal and policy environment for decentralisation
  • Expediting central authorities in the devolution process
  • Institutional and capacity development of Local Authorities
  • Improved public financial management and mobilisation of revenues at the local level
  • Support to local policy-making processes
  • Increasing performance of local service delivery
  • Development and implementation of participative local development plans


  • Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Local Government in the framework of the Support Programme for Administrative Reform in Decentralisation and Regional Economic Development (PARADDER), Mali
  • Sustainable Regional Development Programme in the Kidal region, Mali
  • Technical Assistance to the Decentralisation and Municipal Investments Support Programme (PADIC), Burkina Faso

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