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Expected start
16 December 2021
20 working days
7 December 2021
Aylin Alpagot (

Detailed description Back

The global objective of this contract is to ensure proper and timely implementation of the operations covered under the ESOP of IPA II and support the preparation for IPA III.

Specific objective(s):

  • To ensure tender procedures’ compliance with PRAG tendering procedures and FIDIC contract conditions and other established rules of the Decentralised Implementation System in Turkey as well as their technical soundness.
  • To support the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey (EU Delegation) in monitoring of the projects under implementation.
  • To support the EU Delegation in appraisal of the projects submitted for financing (if and when necessary).
  • To support the EU Delegation for developing environmental infrastructure investment related blending measures for IPA III (2021-2027).


General description of the position:

  • Expert category: Cat. II (>6 years of experience).

Qualifications and skills required:

  • The team will consist of three experts: one expert of Category I and two experts of Category II. The assignment will be organised over a total of 165 working-days (within the duration of 12 months): indicatively maximum; 120 working days for design expert, 20 working days for economist and 25 working days for supply expert. The composition of the team (methodology) will be evaluated in terms of quality and appropriateness during the assessment of the proposals.
  • In addition to the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (environmental, civil, mechanical or electrical), Economy or similar, the candidate should hold an Academic level Master’s Degree on a relevant field.
  • In the absence of Master’s Degree, the candidate should demonstrate at least 6 years of equivalent professional experience in environment or climate or natural resources or energy sector.

General professional experience:

  • The Contractor has to provide expertise in tender evaluation in line with PRAG or similar international tendering procedures and FIDIC contract conditions and be familiar with the DIS in Turkey. The team leader shall be identified by the Contractor.
  • At least 6 years of general professional experience in environment or climate or natural resources or energy sector Specific professional experience
  • Experience in cost benefit analysis of minimum 5 environmental infrastructure projects;
  • Experience in financial engineering and/or blending (of loans and grants) operations will be an asset.

Specific professional experience:

The team will provide experience in the following fields as a group. Expertise not possessed by the proposed experts may be covered by the team as a whole:

  • Design and implementation of wastewater treatment plants (preferably nutrient removal plants), sewer and drinking water networks;
  • Design and implementation of solid waste projects (landfill and other facilities);
  • Legal advisory in Works contractual matters;
  • Experience in environmental infrastructure construction at site;
  • Experience in the field of mechanical and electrical equipment;
  • Cost-benefit analysis in the field of environmental infrastructure;
  • Preferably Blending (loans and grants) operations of infrastructure investments;
  • Experience in contract implementation of environmental infrastructure projects will be an asset; and,
  • Experience in tender evaluation of works and supply contracts will be an asset. Projects in tendering phase can be seen using at the following link: After the signature of the contract, the Contractor will be given a list of projects to be worked on, and in case any of the proposed experts have a conflict of interest with one or more projects in the list, the Contractor should declare this and will propose an alternative expert for these occasions.

Language skills:

  • The team collectively must have sufficient knowledge of both Turkish and English to perform the tasks assigned to them without additional interpretation or translation support. If the team proves unable to meet the level of quality required for drafting the reports, the Contractor will provide, at no additional cost to the EU Delegation, an immediate technical support to the team to meet the required standards.