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Agricultural Strategy Specialist
Expected start
15 September 2022
60 working days
1 September 2022
Tyrone Muller (

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An Agriculture Strategy Specialist is required to work in consultation with senior staff of the Ministry of Agriculture to:

  1. Update the draft Situational Analysis (2019) of the agricultural sector. This will include updating the data, identifying and addressing gaps in areas and issues covered in the document, identifying and legislation, policies and programmes important to sector development.
  2. Contribute to supporting the team conducting the Mid-term review of the 5-year Strategic Development Plan (2019 – 2023) by reviewing policy and strategy aspects.
  3. Draft the next 10-year Agricultural Policy Agenda.
  4. Draft the next 5-year Strategic Development Plan.

The situational analysis will cover the sub-sectors and commodities that fall under the mandate of the Ministry of Agriculture. It will be carried out through (i) a review of documents, including the report of the 2020 agricultural census and relevant national policies and strategies, (ii) interviews and focus group meetings with relevant stakeholders, (ii) use of analytical methods and tools, as appropriate.


Qualifications and skills:

  • At least a Master’s degree in Agricultural Science, Agronomy or Agricultural Economics or directly related disciplines (Minimum Requirement= MR).
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills in written and spoken English (MR).
  • Experience in facilitating stakeholder consultations and sessions in strategic planning (MR).
  • Ability to lead strategic planning (Preferred Requirement= PR).
  • High analytical skills (PR).

General professional experience:

  • At least 10 years’ of general professional experience in the agriculture/rural sector internationally (MR).
  • At least 6 years of professional experience working in the areas of development or implementation of public policies, plans and/or strategies in the agricultural sector (MR).

Specific professional experience:

  • At least 2 experiences leading in writing policy and strategy documents in the overall agricultural sector (MR).
  • Experience in facilitating dialogue among key stakeholders at a high political level to formulate, validate and adopt policies and policy statements (MR).
  • At least 2 experiences in conducting situation analyses and needs assessments related to agriculture policy in developing countries (MR).
  • Experiences in assessments of agricultural production and marketing systems in Fiji will be an asset (PR).
  • Experience in gender and youth employment in agriculture (PR).
  • Good knowledge of the public service environment and decision-making in small island developing states or least developed countries (PR).