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JNKE: Lecturer/Trainer in Agricultural Competitiveness
Expected start
10 October 2022
6 working days
30 September 2022
Greg Barker (

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Proposal for a Training workshop on measuring the competitiveness of agricultural products

This proposed training aims for an outcome of “improved skill of the relevant staff in the MoA in estimating and using competitiveness analysis and measures in policy and strategy formulation”.

The results of the training are expected to be:

  1. Improved knowledge and skill of the participants in measuring the competitiveness of commodities;
  2. Improved skill of the participants in using measures of competitiveness in policy papers and for policy and strategy development.

Profile of the recruited JNKE


  • Agricultural Economics, Economics or Management, or social science (minimum requirement – MR);
  • Fluent in spoken and written English (MR).

General Experience:

  • 6 years’ experience working in the area of development economics, international trade or agricultural policy (MR);
  • Knowledge of the agriculture sector of at least one small island developing state (preferably in the Pacific region) (MR).

Special Experience:

  • 3 years experience lecturing/training in the area of economic policy, development policy (MR);
  • Experience lecturing, writing, consulting or working with competitiveness assessments (PR).