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Digital entrepreneurship and innovation specialist
Expected start
15 December 2021
140 working days
26 November 2021
Aylin Alpagot (

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The overall objective is to support DG INTPA Headquarters to improve the quality of EU external assistance and the programming and implementation of the NDICI with regards to digital.
This activity will contribute to DG INTPA’s mission of sustainable development, the eradication of poverty, peace and the protection of human rights. Under the priority area of Science, Technology, Innovation and the Digital Sector, this assignment will contribute to the fulfilment of EU global ambition of promoting a fair, inclusive, green and human centric digital transformation worldwide, inspired by the principles enshrined in the EU Digital Single Market, EU values, regulations and standards for data and technology.

The Specific objectives are:

Objective 1 – offering Technical support and ad-hoc advice (e.g. desk research/work and field missions) to contribute to (indicative list of tasks):

  • the programming exercise for the MFF 2021-2027 on digital and data technologies,
  • project and programme analysis and design including identification, formulation of EU cooperation projects and programmes in the field of digitalization in EU partner countries;
  • policy analysis and design (including drafting strategies, roadmaps, etc) in relation to digital transformation in a specific country/region;
  • supporting DG INTPA in becoming a centre of excellence in the digital landscape, through methodology development and capacity building
  • strengthening partnerships, alliances, international and multilateral topics and fora.

Objective 2 – facilitating Collaboration, Partnerships and Policy dialogue between EU and other stakeholders

To contribute to:

  • the EU’s and DG INTPA’s ambitions with regard to making this ‘Europe’s Digital Decade’, by facilitating interaction with other stakeholders and sharing and promoting the EU’s policies and values. This includes but is not limited to: Partner countries’ public and private sectors (including eg. African Union, Smart Africa), Civil Society, the D4D Hub, International Organisations and their agencies (for example UN Agencies), EU Institutions and European Commission Directorate-Generals (EC DGs), EU Member States, Academia, etc.
  • strengthening the EU’s capacity to project its digital goals into its international cooperation promoting its human-centric, rules-based approach. This requires the development of partnerships and alliances that can underpin European investment in infrastructure, capacity building and the enabling environment, as well as fostering regulatory cooperation notably with like-minded partners.

Objective 3 – Horizontal actions, ongoing project management and coordination, project monitoring, knowledge management, outreach and communication of the EU Digital4Development policies and interventions

To contribute to:

  • An efficient and performant operationalization of the project (DTFP);
  • Capturing, sharing and using knowledge on the D4D topics as well as relevant local and global developments;
  • Effective communication activities;
  • Assuring the EU outreach in line with the EU’s objective to promote the international dimension of its digital strategy and to support Europe as a global player.


General description of the position:

The Digital entrepreneurship and innovation specialist will assist the development and execution of the overall strategic vision,objectives and results of the contract in the area of digital entrepreneurship and innovation, including the related regulatory framework. He/she will be tasked with performing (digital) market and economic, as well as geo-political analyses, mappings, country and ecosystem diagnostics, studies, collecting and interpreting data in the field of digital entrepreneurship and innovation, and, on this basis, providing adequate and tailored recommendations to the Contactor. Experience with mapping digital entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems, as well as knowledge of key trends challenges and opportunities of introducing/scaling digital technologies and providing advisory services is considered a key requirement.

  •  Expert category: Cat. I (>12 years of experience)

Qualifications and skills required:

  • A Master’s degree in a discipline related to digital transformation and business, development economics, digital entrepreneurship and innovation, emerging technologies in the context of development cooperation.

General professional experience:

  • At least 12 years professional experience in the working areas related to the assignment such as digital entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • At least 3 years professional experience covering the design and/or implementation and/or evaluation of international cooperation policies, programmes and projects is
    considered as an asset;

Specific professional experience:

  • At least 5 years of experience working with digitalizing MSMEs, start-ups and digital innovation ecosystems in developing countries, designing digital transformation strategies for the private sector;
  • At least 2 years of professional experience with incubation and acceleration services focusing on start-ups building solutions to critical social and business challenges using digital technologies, the provisioning of soft-landing services, and technology transfer systems and frameworks is considered an asset; this can overlap with the professional experience on digitalizing MSMEs, startups and digital innovation systems in developing countries.
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in conducting comprehensive in-country assessment of innovation actors, innovation and technology hubs, and innovation stakeholders (including banks, multilateral and bilateral financial institutions, and venture capitalists);
  • Good knowledge of the EU and of the EU policy and regulatory framework relevant to digital innovation (including support to start-ups, intellectual property, data collection, data protection, etc.), as well as the main actors of digital ecosystems in the EU and developing countries.
  • Good knowledge of the EU development cooperation programmes and the work of EU delegations;
  • At least 2 years of professional experience demonstrating good knowledge of the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) ecosystem and the linkages between research & innovation activities and capacity building, technology transfer, enhanced science and policy interface, university business cooperation, education and training, digital and entrepreneurial skills, business creation, multi stakeholders approaches, and financial support mechanisms is considered as an asset.
  • Experience and knowledge of developing countries context and challenges is considered as an asset;
  • Experience as expert in EU-funded development cooperation programmes and projects, and specifically on assignments/studies related to the subject of this Contract is considered
    as an asset;
  • Experience / knowledge of EU projects/initiatives in the field of digital entrepreneurship and innovation (Horizon2020, Digital Europe, European Digital Innovation Hubs, smart specialization) is considered as an asset.

Language skills:

  • Written and oral communication skills in English language (CEFR C2).
  • Written and oral communication skills in French language (CEFR B2), considered an asset.