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Lead expert (cat. I)
Expected start
3 December 2021
50 working days
3 November 2021
Aylin Alpagot (

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Global objective:

The assignment aims at promoting the production and the use of official data and statistics of high quality in EU partner countries, in order to inform policy-making, budgeting, policy-monitoring and domestic accountability. Besides, it will foster performance measurement within EU cooperation and notably EU budget support operations to monitor better the results and progress achieved by partner countries with EU contribution. In doing so, the assignment will pay due attention to Commission’s priorities, and notably gender equality and women empowerment, environment and climate change, and digitalisation.

In doing so, it will build on the work undertaken by Eurostat to update the above-mentioned Guide and the Snapshot tool itself over years. It should also feed into next steps contemplated by the Commission (Eurostat or INTPA) to improve and promote further such diagnostic tools for statistical systems and data quality towards third countries or international partners.

The specific objectives of the assignment are the following:

  • Assess the relevance, appropriateness and user-friendliness of the Snapshot to assess statistical capacities and official data quality in countries (also in view of the needs identified by INTPA and EU Delegations for the design/management of budget support or result-monitoring/reporting in countries), based on a desk review of the initial Snapshot piloting/roll-out, of the latest developments and available resources in statistical cooperation, and through three field visits to test the instrument and assess country needs on site;
  • Liaise with multilateral organisations (e.g. World Bank), bilateral entities (e.g. relevant EU Member States), international initiatives (e.g. Paris21, Bern Network) and civil society organisations contributing to statistical cooperation and capacity building to inform this assessment and test the relevance of the tool for other institutions than the EU;
  • Propose any revision/addition to the Snapshot in consultation with Eurostat accordingly (revision/additions may be justified in view of omissions or weaknesses in the original design of the instrument, as well as for updates to take account of topical considerations, e.g. gender, climate change or digitalisation);
  • Propose strategic options and concrete proposals for the use, promotion, roll-out of the tool and for quality certification/review process of individual assessments, taking advantage of international networks or initiatives involving Eurostat, building on consultations held with stakeholders and looking at inspiring examples in other fields (e.g. the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability diagnostic tool for public finance management);
  • Submit a template of terms of reference that could be used by EU delegations to recruit external expertise for the assessment of statistical capacities and official data quality in partner countries (based on the Snapshot tool and any addition deemed necessary, e.g. on data quality);
  • Submit a revised questionnaire/assessment grid, an user manual and other relevant guidance to underpin the use of the Snapshot instrument in the future (based on the available original guidance but taking into account the revisions, additions or updates mentioned above);
  • Submit an presentation (20 slides approximately) and communication material (5 infographics indicatively or alternatives deemed relevant by the Commission) to promote the tool.


Qualifications and skills:

  • At least a master degree in the field of statistics or economics. Excellent cooperative, analytical, drafting and presentational skills;
  • Proven document analysis, data collection/processing and communication skills in English (C1 level) and French (C1 level).

General professional experience:

  • At least 12 years of working experience in developing or emerging countries, in the field of international cooperation and notably for the reform and strengthening of their statistical and monitoring systems. Experience of EU instruments for external actions, and notably of EU budget support, would be an asset;
  • Command of spreadsheet/database programmes.

Specific professional experience:

  • Since January 2010, at least five assignments in developing/emerging countries aiming at assessing national statistical systems or at designing a strategy/project for their reform and capacity development;
  • Previous experience with the Snapshot instrument or Statistical Peer-Review/Global Assessment is expected.