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Senior Education expert
Expected start
1 November 2021
215 working days
30 July 2021
Hilde Cornelissen (

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The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:

  • To improve the quality of the educational system through investing in teacher’ professional and career development with an aim to provide comprehensive, quality and inclusive education for all.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

  • Purpose 1. To strengthen the system for professional development of teachers and teacher support staff in accordance with the professional competences and standards in secondary (general and VET) education;
  • Purpose 2. To support the systems improvements in the process of development and implementation of the ICT and digital skills/ competences in education;
  • Purpose 3. To strengthen the implementation of inclusive education in teacher professional development in accordance with the Concept for Inclusive education.


Qualifications and skills

  • At least Master degree academic level in Education or Social Sciences, if not equivalent general professional experience of five (5) years above the minimum general professional experience requested below.

General professional experience

  • Minimum 8 years of general professional experience in secondary education (general and/or VET).

Specific professional experience

  • At least 3 projects in inclusive education (Special education needs teaching practise and methodologies). Such experience in EU member states will be considered as an asset;
  • Experience in at least 2 projects on development of materials and tools for SEN.