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Sierra Leone
Key Expert (cat. I)
Expected start
29 November 2021
59 working days
3 November 2021
Aylin Alpagot (

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The overall objective of the PEFA 2021 repeat assessment is to provide the government with an objective, indicator-led assessment of the national PFM system, including the gender responsive dimension, to promote an updated understanding of the overall fiduciary environment of the PFM systems, and to assist in identifying those parts of the PFM systems in need of further reform and development. It will also aim at performing an initial Gender responsive PFM assessment. This will also provide a baseline for a number of monitoring indicators to be identified as part of the PFM results framework.

The format chosen for the PEFA 2021 is, consistent with the PEFA Handbook.

The specific objectives of this assessment are to:

  • Conduct a PEFA assessment using the ‘Framework for assessing public financial management’ issued by the PEFA Secretariat in February 2016 as for the last PEFA 2017 assessment as well as implementing the new framework on Gender responsive PFM assessment. This means that both the previous and the new indicators could be easily compared in order to:
  1. Establish and explain the level of change in performance based on the PEFA indicator scores by comparing the results of the previous assessment to provide a clear picture of specific changes in performance since the 2017 assessment;
  2. Provide a baseline for future assessment of PFM performance.
  • Briefly assess the response of the authorities to COVID 19 pandemic from planning/ budgeting, execution, monitoring and reporting perspective. The evaluation should also provide recommendations on how to: i) return to normality once the pandemic is over (e.g. winding down of the National Coronavirus Emergency Response Centre –COVERC- and other special arrangements) and ii) strengthen PFM systems to respond better to an emergency in the future.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Education at the level of Masters’ Degree in public finance, economics, accounting.

General professional experience:

  • At least 12 years’ experience in the various disciplines of PFM, PFM reform, research and PFM/fiscal policy formulation and dialogue.

Specific professional experience:

  • Must have knowledge and experience of PEFA assessments;
  • Must have proven ability to conceptualize, design and implement PFM reforms in a challenging (preferably post-conflict) environment;
  • Must have solid cross cultural and interpersonal skills; and
  • Must possess excellent research, analytical and report writing skills.