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Sri Lanka
Expert 1: Team Leader (Cat. I)
Expected start
14 November 2022
35 working days
16 September 2022
Aylin Alpagot (

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The overall objective (Impact) to which this action contributes is: Enhanced effectiveness, targeting and delivery of social protection and safety-net mechanisms, through improved policies, innovation and adoption of digital technologies.

The specific objectives (Outcomes) of this contract are as follows: Support the Delegation in the formulation of the Action by:

  • Assessing and verifying the feasibility of the action during the identification phase;
  • Providing a mapping of existing interventions/initiatives in the country;
  • Providing recommendations on the logic of interventions and drafting of selected sections of the Action Document a logical framework;
  • Providing an estimated cost of the intervention and proposed implementation modality.


Professional requirements:

  • The leader of the team shall prove sound methodological experience of development work in the field of applied socio-economic research, and possess relevant experience in project management;
  • 12 years professional experience of development work through either applied socioeconomic research, project management, technical assistance or monitoring and evaluation;
  • Team Leader must possess also previous experience with the design of similar interventions in developing countries;
  • Knowledge of the Sri Lankan Social Protection system is a distinctive advantage.

Minimum requirements covered by the team as a whole are detailed below:

Qualifications and skills:

  • All experts Cat.I and II need to possess education qualifications at least at Master degree level (post-graduate) or a university degree (3 years) plus equivalent professional experience (at least 5 years) in either applied economics, social sciences, statistics and actuarial sciences, information technology, IT applied to public administration, development studies or sociology, or in other relevant fields directly related to the scope of this assignment and to the functioning of social protection systems;
  • The Team must possess also proven analytical, communication and report writing skills in English, to be demonstrated by their professional experience;
  • English, Sinhala and/or Tamil.

General professional experience:

  • The Team must also demonstrate a collective professional experience above the individual minimum requirements, and of at least 28 years;
  • The expertise of the Team shall have been gained in either public or private sector institutions, including IOs, NGOs and academia;
  • The whole Team shall possess previous experience in technical assistance and/or monitoring and evaluation of interventions in the fields of social protection, welfare systems, and/or other related social and economic sectors;
  • Previous experience of the Team of Experts in drafting or providing input for Action Documents used in EU programming, and an excellent understanding of EU contractual procedures will be considered as an advantage.

Specific professional experience:

  • The team shall possess at least 10 years of specific professional experience in the field of designing and/or implementing social protection schemes in developing countries (i.e. beneficiaries of ODA funding). This includes the design, functioning, management, monitoring, evaluation, modernisation and digitalisation of such schemes. Such experience may be gained in any of these sub-fields also as adviser/ consultant to public authorities or private entities, or as an academic;
  • The Team must also possess professional experience in at least 3 assignments similar to this one in scope, duration, and objectives;
  • Moreover the Team must possess at least 8 years of previous professional experience with IT including in systems design, implementation and/or costing digital systems, preferably with public institutions in developing countries;
  • Knowledge of the Sri Lankan Social Protection system will be considered a distinctive advantage, to be demonstrated through the team’s professional experiences.