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Safeguards and Gender Expert
Expected start
23 August 2020
22 working days
27 July 2020
Aylin Alpagot (

Detailed description Back

The global objective of this assignment is to improve sustainability and security of the regional road transport system.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

  • Institutional and regulatory capacity-building, together with capacity-building of administrations and relevant agencies, and greater awareness of gender issues;
  • Administrative and technical simplification of transport;
  • Improve maintenance of the regional network, and its sustainability by reducing overloading.

The expected results of this assignment are:

  • R1: Improved governance of road maintenance:
    • 1.1: Develop an allocation formula for the Ghana road fund;
    • 1.2: Provide a maintenance need assessment of the Ghanaian road network;
    • 1.3: Capacity built for Project Management including Performance Based Contracts (PBC), environmental and social safeguards on projects as well as gender inclusion and climate change.
  • R2: Improved transport services, conditions and fluidity of regional road corridors;
    • 2.1: Capacity built for development of transport services pricing module;
    • 2.2: Support the sensitization program of the National Road Transport and Transit Facilitation Committee (NFC) and Axle Load.


  • General description of the position: The Gender and Environment expert will work on Results 1.3& 1.4, 2.1 & 2.2;
  • Expert category: Cat. II (>6 years of experience).

Qualifications and skills required:

  • At least a Master’s Degree level or equivalent professional experience of 7 years in one or more of the following fields: Gender Studies, Social and Environmental Studies or comparable;
  • Excellent command and good writing skills in English.

General professional experience:

  • At least 6 years of relevant professional experience, related gender mainstreaming and environmental studies;
  • Working experiences in developing countries.

Specific professional experience:

  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience in gender and environmental topics in the transport sector;
  • Working experience and knowledge of the gender situation and transport sector in Ghana would be an added advantage.

Language skills: English.