Technical Support to the Donor Working Group and Federal (and Member State) Government of Somalia – Phase One

Key expert 3: Social Protection Systems Expert (cat. I)
Expected Start
15 January 2019
150 working days
09 November 2018
Mert Perk ( )

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Global objective

The global objective of this Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) is to support the development and implementation of a strategy on social safety-net.

A pre-requisite to developing a more coherent approach is improved collective donor coherence and capacity, though a DWG. Without this, initiatives and programmes are likely to continue to be negotiated piecemeal, with varying degrees of consultation and participation, remaining fragmented and with limited effect on Somalia’s internal capacity. Government ownership and engagement in international assistance is fundamental to this process.

This requires building upon the existing systems and capacity of international agencies while supporting the necessary institutions, systems and capacity within Government to implement the envisaged safety-net approach in Somalia.

Specific objectives

The specific objective of the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) is to support international donors to Somalia in their dialogue on a social safety net system, through the DWG, with the relevant Somali institutions.

Indeed, it is expected that the TAF will facilitate dialogue and understanding of governance, systems, policy, financing and technical processes.

It is expected that this Action will contribute to setting-up a rights-based approach, to enhancing the social dialogue, to promoting the development of effective and just social policies and gender equality and to reducing child labour.

Taking into consideration the dynamic environment, an initial duration of 12 months is foreseen. The Donor Working Group will analyse the best implementation modality for the following period in due time. Based on this review, either an additional request for service provision will be negotiated, either a hand-over to the new implementing partner will have to be supported. In any case, recommendations on the priorities for the following period will have to be prepared by the technical assistance.

Therefore, the present Terms of Reference describes the overall approach, vision and steps foreseen and then focus on the next 12 months priorities of the TAF. It is expected that the technical expertise provided through this contract will contribute to achieve these priorities.

The current lack of alignment of donors on a joint vision and agreement on the scope of a shock responsive social safety net is expected to impede the dialogue with the government. In addition, there is an urgent need to harmonize cash transfer and ensure that the lessons from 2016/2017 drought response are learned. Therefore, the Technical Assistance Facility will be required to prioritize the facilitation of convergence of approach between donors before supporting the formal engagement with other key stakeholders.


Qualifications and Skills

  • At least a Master's Degree or equivalent academic qualification (university or similar institution) in Information Systems, or any relevant field related to the sector of this contract;
  • If the expert does not have a Master's Degree, she/he should have equivalent professional experience which is defined as: she/he must have at least a Bachelor's degree and an additional 10 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Initiative, tact and proven ability to maintain harmonious working relationships in a multicultural setting with good team spirit.

General professional experience

  • At least 12 years proven experience working at a high level in systems design and development in the public sector;
  • At least 5 years of experience with bilateral and/or multilateral development partners.

Specific professional experience

  • 5 years proven experience with systems development in the social security sector, preferably in Africa;
  • Proven experience with M&E methods and approaches for data collection (quantitative, qualitative and participatory); data processing; data analysis and reporting (using appropriate computer packages) will be seen as an advantage;
  • Proven experience with staff training and mentoring in systems development and implementation, as reflected in at least 2 assignments undertaken in the last 5 years;
  • Previous experience working on EU-funded social protection projects and knowledge of and experience with EDF rules and procedures will be seen as an advantage.

Language skills

  • Fluency in both written and spoken English.

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