Technical Assistance to the Cooperation Support Facility II (CSF II) Programme

Key Expert: Programme Manager
Expected Start
01 July 2019
250 working days
29 March 2019
Tom Bultereys ( )

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Overall objective

To promote inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development of Timor-Leste.


To increase the effectiveness of NAO services in delivering the EU - Timor-Leste development cooperation.

Results to be achieved by the contractor:

  • Result 1: Improved capacity of the NAO office to oversee programming, identification and evaluation of programme and projects;
  • Result 2: Improved capacity for programme implementation of line Ministries and other stakeholders in focal sectors in line with EU policies and strategies;
  • Result 3: Increased visibility of the EU - Timor-Leste cooperation and greater awareness on EU and its Member States’ fundamental values, history and culture.


Qualifications and Skills

  • Master degree in public administration, economics, law, international relations, project management, or a discipline relevant to the scope of the assignment. Alternatively, a Bachelor´s Degree plus 5 years of experience (in addition to the general professional experience – see below) in the aforementioned fields;
  • Written and oral fluency in English language and working knowledge of Portuguese language;
  • Strong inter-personality and excellent skills in facilitating relations, as evidenced through at least 3 previous assignments in facilitating multi-stakeholder processes;
  • Excellent skills in drafting reports and/or ToRs as evidenced by 5 previous assignments requiring such deliverables.

General professional experience

Minimum requirements:

  • 10 (or 15 in the case where there is no relevant Master´s degree – see above) years of general professional experience working in external relations and development cooperation;
  • Proven experience of at least 5 years in project management including planning, budgeting and progress monitoring.

Preferred requirements:

  • Experience in previous long-term continuous assignments (which may have been interrupted by annual leave or home working days but which include a minimum of 220 working days worked over the whole duration of each assignment) as team leader;
  • Working experience in PALOP, Pacific or ASEAN country(ies).

Specific professional experience

Minimum requirements:

  • 5 years' experience of working in collaboration with government ministries in countries included in the OECD DAC List of ODA Recipients;
  • One experience (single-continuous – which may have been interrupted by annual leave or home working days) of more than one year in an EU financed Technical Assistance, using the contractual and financial procedures for European Union external actions.

Preferred requirements:

  • Relevant work experience in Timor would be an advantage.

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