Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the 11th EDF Support to Ecowas Commission for Transport Governance in West Africa

Key expert 1: Team Leader
Expected Start
01 October 2019
550 working days
05 July 2019
Gregory Barker ( )

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The overall goal of the regional project is the 'Improved sustainability and security of the regional road transport system'. This transport system will be a factor of inclusive development in terms of gender equality, stability and regional integration. The project will, on the basis of commitments made at ECOWAS/WAEMU level, increase the freedom of movement of goods and persons, reduce the costs of interstate road transportby improving the governance of road maintenance and modernising the supply chain thanks to the gradual liberalisation of road transport activities in a competitive, regulated framework, excluding any dumping and cartelisation practices and mitigating the social costs associated with the necessary modernisation of the sector.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Institutional and regulatory capacity building, together with capacity-building of administrations and relevant agencies, and greater awareness of gender issues;
  2. Administrative and technical simplification of transport;
  3. Better maintenance of the regional network and its sustainability thanks to efforts to stop overloading.


Qualifications and skills:

  • A Master’s degree in transport, economics, civil engineering or business administration or equivalent;
  • Fluency in English and French. Knowledge of Portuguese is considered an asset;
  • Proven track record of professional experience in managing multicultural teams of technical specialists with strong facilitation, leadership and communication skills;
  • Good knowledge and professional experience of EU procedures;
  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Office® suite, datasheets and e-mails. Experience in Internet website management or social media is considered an asset.

General professional experience (minimum requirements):

At least 15 years demonstrated experience of which 8 years would have been on project management.

Specific professional experience (minimum requirements) :

  • At least management of two similar transport facilitation projects;
  • Demonstrated experience in developing countries, ideally in West Africa in the last fifteen years;
  • S/he should have experience in procurement of donor-funded projects and be acquainted with regional integration issues;
  • Demonstrated experience in defining road transport policies or institutional and regulatory framework and in training;
  • Good knowledge of the issues and challenges of the road sector in the West Africa region.

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