Support to the design and operationalization of a Monitoring & Evaluation Plan and system for the DINU Programme

NKE Monitoring & Evaluation expert
Expected Start
01 April 2019
60 working days
22 March 2019
Olivia Agneessens ( )

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The main objectives of this assignment are (the exact details are to be provided in the TOR):

  • Review and update the DINU logical framework and align the Implementing partners logical frameworks to comply with the overall DINU log frame and result framework;
  • Design an M&E mechanism for the overall DINU programme – based on the updated/improved DINU logical framework;
  • Design for an alignment of a DINU overall monitoring and evaluation system to be adopted by all DINU IPs and Call-for-Proposal grantees;
  • Outline an activity monitoring plan based on agreed annual work plans of all the DINU implementers;
  • Design of a harmonized DINU log frame, including cross-check, validation of a tool that will sufficiently be used to monitor and evaluation the impact created by the DINU programme;
  • To review the draft DINU M&E plan to ensure it guides and operationalize the monitoring functions of the DINU programme;
  • To provide technical reviews and assessments of the draft log-frames under the DINU Call-for-Proposal (up to 10 sets of log-frames) and ensure alignment of them to the DINU Log-frame.


Qualifications and skills

  • A minimum of a Masters Degree in Statistics, Economics or other Social Science discipline and any other course in a field related to the terms of reference;
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English and proven ability to draft high quality technical reports;
  • Good team management, interpersonal/networking and facilitation skills;
  • Ability to interact and communicate with representatives of various stakeholder groups such as national/local government agencies, development partners, local communities and beneficiaries, etc.;
  • Good computer application skill is required.

General professional experience

  • A minimum of 10 years of professional experience and expertise in at least three of the following areas:
  1. Project Management and Project Monitoring & Evaluation, preferably related to agriculture/food security, governance and infrastructure;
  2. Design of socio-economic development and poverty reduction indicators;
  3. Design and development of result performance indicators and monitoring system for national or international agencies;
  4. Set-up of management information systems and databases for performance tracking;
  5. Development of activity monitoring plans of implementing partners;
  6. Design and application of detailed log-frames for programmes/projects;
  7. Design of M&E guidelines and operational manuals;
  8. Conducted studies and research on monitoring outcomes;
  9. Development and design of tools for community based participatory monitoring.
  • 5 years of experience and skills in developing, monitoring, evaluation and research protocols and analytical tools for large programme/projects in a national or international context with an in-depth focus and knowledge of rural poverty and best practices in poverty reduction;
  • Have undertaken at least three similar M&E-assignment in an African/East African context.

Specific professional experience

  • Demonstrated understanding of developing performance indicators at strategic level;
  • Fully proficient in using the log-frame approach and methodology in design of programme documents;
  • Proven knowledge of performance result frameworks for programme monitoring and evaluation of large and integrated programmes (in particular related to agriculture/food security, governance and infrastructure);
  • Proven knowledge of monitoring and evaluation methodologies and principles including quantitative, qualitative and participatory approaches;
  • Experience with EU-funded programmes and/or programme of other international development partners, NGOs;
  • Experience in working with local communities, civil society partners, rural Local Governments and governments officials.

In case, any individual expert is interested in the assignment, please submit:

  • A detailed CV with all contact details and at least 3 references, plus a brief motivation letter (max. 1 page). The CV should be tailored and directly related to the requirements in the expert profile;
  • The expected daily fee-rate (indicated in EURO);
  • An indication/statement of availability for the tentative period of assignment.

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