Study on investment opportunities in the Pacific region –Towards a carbon-neutral, blue/green, circular, inclusive and sustainable future.

Pacific regional
1 Expert: Team Leader- Development Finance Expert (category I.)
Expected Start
13 January 2020
55 working days
27 November 2019
Aylin Alpagot ( )

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Overall objective

The overall objective of this contract is to identify investment opportunities from Europe and like-minded countries interested in the Pacific region, duly taking into account (a) the objectives of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism (FPR) and its “Blue Pacific” narrative and (b) the implementation of Pacific countries’ and OCTs Climate Strategies 2050 and their National Determined Contributions (NDCs), as outlined in the Paris Agreement on Climate change.

Specific objectives

The specific objective is to develop clear recommendations for future investment opportunities, including scaling-up private and public investments that will support the Pacific region in their search towards a carbon-neutral, blue/green, circular, inclusive and sustainable future. Main (but not exhaustive) sectors to be covered are energy, transport, water, sanitation, climate adaptive measures, sustainable private sector development. This comprehensive study should be based on 3 main pillars:

i. Regional assessment of current infrastructure investments in the Pacific, including key drivers, actors, policies, trends and challenges;

ii. Country-level analysis of the investment environment in individual Pacific ACP countries and Pacific Oversea Countries and Territories (OCTs);

iii. Identification of opportunities to strengthen EU-Pacific investment relations.


Qualifications and skills

  • Education level of, preferably PhD, or at least a Master Degree Academic level in Economics OR Equivalent;
  • Excellent communication, drafting and reporting-writing skills;
  • Able to use computer-based Word processing, Spreadsheet and presentation software expertly.

General professional experience

  • General professional experience of at least 12 years in Development Finance, including experience with investment/blending projects.

Specific professional experience

  • Working experience as a team leader, ensuring coordination of the tasks within the team;
  • Working experience with innovative financing instruments for development;
  • Knowledge of gap analysis;
  • Knowledge of the investment/blending scene in Europe;
  • Experience in developing climate change mitigation related projects and investment/blending projects in the Pacific would be an asset.

Language skills

Proficiency in English.

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