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Expert 2: Review Expert/Team Leader
Expected start
4 April 2021
90 working days
18 January 2021
Aylin Alpagot (

Detailed description Back

The overall objectives of this assignment are to:

  • to provide a detailed review of the implementation of the Digitalisation SRPC and to enable the EU to use the outcomes of the reviews for decisions on instalment disbursement and programme execution;
  • to contribute to the Programming exercise under the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027 taking into account the impact on the rights-based approach, persons with disabilities, and gender equality.

The specific objectives of this assignment are to:

  • conduct review missions, at least one during the fiscal year 2021 for the disbursement of the fixed and variable instalments, another one during 2022 for the disbursement of the second variable instalment and the third mission during 2023 for the disbursement of the final variable instalment;
  • contribute to the Programming process to be funded from the MFF 2021-2027.


The Team Leader (TL) of category I shall be responsible for overall management of the assignment based on international experience and practice.

The Team Leader has to have excellent communication and analytical skills, and to be proficient in report drafting and team management.


 Qualifications and skills:

Master’s degree in the field of engineering, business administration, economics, international relations or other relevant field or in its absence, professional experience in the relevant sectors of a minimum of 13 years.

General professional experience:

At least 12 years’ experience in the field(s) relevant to the assignment.

Specific professional experience:

  • At least 6 years of cumulative experience in review, assessment, monitoring or evaluation;
  • Experience in review/evaluation/monitoring of the EU-funded projects/programmes in at least two post-soviet countries other than Kyrgyzstan;
  • Working experience in at least one review/evaluation mission or implementation of the EU Budget Support programme;
  • Experience in review/ evaluation/monitoring of at least one EU-funded project/programme in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Experience in the EU programming exercise/drafting of recommendations for design of the EU programmes, preferably for budget support operations, will be a strong asset.

Language skills:

  • Fluency in English;
  • Good knowledge of Russian will be a strong asset.