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Experts (Cat. 2)
Expected start
15 September 2020
480 working days
15 July 2020
Aylin Alpagot (

Detailed description Back

The global objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of the overall public procurement system in line with the new LPP.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

  • PPB: The specific objective of this assignment is to introduce new electronic tools for procurement: e-Marketplace and e-Catalogues. In particular, a new software platform should be developed for conducting electronically small value procurement for goods and services up to the national threshold of € 10,000. The new platform3 should be supplemental (and connected) with the current ESPP. It should be completely independent from ESPP, and the communication with the ESPP will be using web-services, which will be provided by PPB. Using these web services all necessary data and information from ESPP will be exchanged in proper manner;
  • SAC: Development and implementation of internal automated workflow management system for processing of appeals and redesign of the SAC web site.


The minimum requirements covered by the team of experts as a whole are detailed below:

  • Qualifications and skills required for the team: At least bachelor’s degree in the area of IT or equivalent (math / physics / electronics / system analysis / engineering or equivavalent), in its absence, general professional experience of at least 4 years above the required general professional experience;
  • General professional experience of the team: The experts shall have general professional experience of at least 5 years of experience in IT;
  • Specific professional experience of the team: The experts’ team (as a whole) shall fulfil the below specific expertise requirements:
    • Business analysis certification (CCBA – certification of competency in business analysis, PMI – PBA or equivalent) will be considered as an asset (Requirement for the Project Leader);
    • Relevant business analyst certification will be considered as an asset;
    • Database administrator certification;
    • Relevant quality assurance and software testing certification;
    • At least 3 projects on management of implementation of information systems for e-procurement services. Experience in a EU member state or EU candidate country will be considered an asset;
    • Experience in at least 2 (two) completed assignment/project in implementing e-procurement solution;
    • Experience in at least 1 (one) completed assignment/project in implementing e-Catalogues or e-Marketplace solution;
    • Experience in EU funded projects will be considered an asset;
    • At least 3 years of experience in the field of quality assurance.
  • Language skills of the team: English. Knowledge of Macedonian would be an asset.