3 Experts - Category II: Junior Specialists
Expected Start
01 July 2019
37 working days
29 May 2019
Aylin Alpagot ( )

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The overall objective is to obtain an objective and independent diagnosis of the progress recorded in the area of PFM, by collecting and analysing data available from the period 2016-2018 (see detailed in 3.3), applying the PEFA methodology at national and sub-national level. This assessment, the 5th PEFA assessment for the country, will occur at a timely moment given that it will provide not only the indicative balance of the progress of the PEFP 2016-2019, but will also guide the planning process for the preparation of the next Public Finance Strategic Plan. It will function as an updated diagnostic.

The evaluation of the municipalities (3 from each region for comparison) was included in view of the decentralization progress in the country, within the framework of the revision of the Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique. The municipalities of Maputo, Matola, Tete and Nampula were selected for this evaluation (details below). The objective is to gain a better understanding of the current situation and obstacles at the level of the local authorities, and also to use the results of the assessment to compare current and future progress.


a. Specific Requirements:

  • Knowledge of the PEFA methodology;
  • Have participated in conducting at least 2 PEFA assessments;
  • Experience with PFM evaluations – the 2 Junior Experts should be aware of complementary PFM, (e.g. revenue and tax, internal control and audit, budgeting and procurement);
  • At least 4 years of experience in public finance, financial and fiduciary concepts, preferably related to developing countries;
  • At least one of the 2 junior specialists must have excellent knowledge of Portuguese. English is always necessary.

b. Education: At least a Master's degree in Economics, PF or other related fields or 5 years of equivalent professional experience which must be above the general professional experience duration fixed below;

c. General Professional Experience: A minimum of 6 years of relevant proven experience in Public Finance

d. Language skills: Excellent knowledge (spoken and written) of English and /or Portuguese. Good knowledge of Portuguese is an asset. At least one of the two junior experts must have a goof proven knowledge of Portuguese.

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