Long Term Technical Assistance to the Office of the National Authorising Officer

Key Expert: Technical Assistance to the National Authorising Officer
Expected Start
01 December 2018
568 working days
31 October 2018
Tom Bultereys ( tbultereys@proman.lu )

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Overall objective

The overall objective of this assignment is to enhance the capacity of the NAO office to discharge effective role and function of NAO in the management of EDF resources.


The purpose of this contract is to provide adequate support to the National Authorizing Officer for an effective formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the actions under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) National Indicative Programmes (NIP) and other EU funds.


Qualifications and Skills

  • Master's degree or equivalent degree in Development studies, Communication, Politics, or Social Sciences, Business, Public Administration or any other fields related to this assignment; OR a Bachelor's degree in the above-mentioned subjects, an additional equivalent of 2 years of professional experience in the development cooperation sector will have to be demonstrated in addition to the general professional experience (see requirements below).

General professional experience

  • A minimum of 6 years of professional experience in development cooperation, assistance to public administration or fields related to this assignment.

Specific professional experience

Within the above 6 years of professional experience required:

  • At least two years of professional experience working specifically on public sector aid development or provision of institutional support or equivalent assignment(s) such as programme manager in development project;
  • At least 1 year of experience in Public Administration and Public Finance Management.

The following will be considered an asset:

  • At least two previous assignments working in developing countries;
  • At least one previous assignment in the Pacific region;
  • Proved knowledge of EU external aid policies and procedures;
  • Proved knowledge of the I-Kiribati context;
  • Strong background in good drafting and oral communication skills.

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