Identification and formulation of EU Actions to support Agriculture and Rural Development in Sierra Leone under the second phase of the 11th EDF (2018 – 2020)

Sierra Leone
Expert 4: Expert in Rural Enterprise Development (cat. 2)
Expected Start
17 September 2018
37 working days
19 July 2018
Mert Perk ( )

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The objective of this consultancy mission is to support the European Union Delegation and the Government of Sierra Leone in the identification and formulation of EU Actions to support Agriculture and rural development in Sierra Leone under the second phase of the 11th EDF (2018 – 2020). These actions should contribute to unlocking the agricultural potential and increasing rural access to market in Sierra Leone, and subsequently contribute to the development of a diversified and commercial agriculture sector that promotes inclusive green economic growth.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

  • Specific objective 1: To develop actions that sustainably contribute to a more productive, diversified, climate resilient, market oriented and equitable agriculture. This further contributes to the creation of the enabling conditions for smallholder farmers in poverty stricken districts to move towards a more sustainable, resilient and productive agriculture;
  • Specific objective 2: To develop actions that improve access to markets in targeted rural areas. This component aims to enhance connectivity between production areas and agricultural marketing centres, including removing 'bottlenecks' on the feeder road network;
  • Specific objective 3: To develop innovative interventions to support the sustainable commercialisation of Sierra Leone's commercially oriented smallholder farmers through agribusiness partnerships, capacity development and agricultural commercialisation - linking farmers to markets and value chains.



  • The candidate must possess a university degree in agriculture economics, economics, or related field, with post-graduate qualifications preferred.

General required experience:

  • A minimum experience of 5 years in enterprise development, organisation and institutional development in the agribusiness sub-sector.

Specific required experience:

The candidate must show sufficient evidence where he/she:

  • Demonstrates understanding and competencies in management of smallholder farmers enterprises and private sector actors;
  • Demonstrates illustrative knowledge and experience in working through value chains and market development approaches;
  • Has experience in farm planning and economic analysis with extensive experience in small to medium scale agro-enterprise management;
  • has experience with functioning of food crop value chains with specific reference to crops in Sierra Leone.

Desirable experience:

  • Experience with externally funded development programs would be desirable, preferably with experience in market oriented projects.

The proposed experts group should have the following profile:

  • At least two experts should have good knowledge of the EU environment and development policies; be familiar with the Commission's guidance on Programming and Project Cycle Management;
  • At least one member of the team should have previous experience in developing both a Project Identification Fiche and an Action Fiche;
  • All experts must be fluent in English. All reporting should be done in English. Excellent written and oral skills are requested of the experts;
  • All experts shall follow standard ethics with diligence and high degree of professionalism;
  • Experts experience in participatory planning process would be an asset.

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