General Call for Evaluation Experts for the EU FWC COM - Lot 1: Evaluation

Evaluation Experts
Expected Start
01 March 2016
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31 March 2018
Mert Perk ( )

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PROMAN is looking for evaluation experts within the Framework Contract Commission 2015 Lot 1: Evaluation.

The scope of this contract is to carry out evaluations of geographic (regions/countries) cooperation strategies and programmes; thematic multi-country evaluations; evaluations of selected policy issues and aid modalities, particularly budget support operations and to support dissemination of the results: lessons learned and evaluation recommendations, support for development of appropriate methodological approaches and tools for evaluation.

This new FWC will start on 1st March for an initial duration of maximum 2 years and can be extended up to 2 more years.

In a first period (April 2016 - June 2017) the following evaluations are planned:

Regional level evaluation : Evaluation of the European Union's co-operation with the Region of Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian ocean (EA-SA-IO).

Budget support evaluation : Evaluation of European Union's budget support operations in Peru.

Evaluation of EU instruments : A series of Requests for services will be launched for evaluations of the Commission's external financing instruments.

  • Evaluation of External Financing Instruments, including a) the Common implementing Regulation b) the Development Co-operation instrument c) the Greenland Decision, and d) a Coherence Report of the External Financing Instruments;
  • Evaluation of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights;
  • Evaluation of the European neighbourhood instrument;
  • Evaluation of the Instrument contributing to Stability and peace;
  • Evaluation of the Pre-accession assistance;
  • Evaluation of the Partnership instrument;
  • Evaluation of the Instrument for Nuclear safety co-operation.


Expertise in the above mentioned areas.

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