Final evaluation of the Atlantic Ocean Tuna Tagging Programme (AOTTP)

ACP regional
Expert 1 – category I
Expected Start
01 October 2019
60 working days
18 June 2019
Aylin Alpagot ( )

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The main objectives of this evaluation are to provide the relevant services of the European Union, the interested stakeholders with:

  • an overall independent assessment of the past performance of the AOTTP, paying particular attention to its results measured against its expected objectives; and the reasons underpinning such results;
  • key lessons learned, conclusions and related recommendations in order to improve current and future Actions.

In particular, this evaluation will serve to understand the performance of the Action, its enabling factors and those hampering a proper delivery of results in order to:

  • understand what concrete and realistic measures can be undertaken to maximise the potentialities of the programme during its very last phase;
  • inform the finalisation of the exit strategy notably to ensure the durability of the Action;
  • inform the planning of possible future EU interventions and Actions in the same sector – both under the EU development policy (notably in Western Africa, Caribbean and Latin America) and/or the CFP.


  • 12 (non-cumulative) years in the area of evaluation with at least 7 projects / programmes evaluations conducted in the last 5 years;
  • Experience in evaluation of projects / programmes in developing countries;
  • Proven report writing skills;
  • Sound management skills demonstrated by at least 5 assignations as Team leader.

Language skills of the team:

  • English: at least 2 member shall possess a level C2 expertise;
  • French : at least 1 member shall possess a level C2 expertise;
  • Portuguese: the fact that 1 member possess B2 expertise would be an asset.

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