2 Experts: Category I
Expected Start
08 April 2019
80 working days
19 March 2019
Aylin Alpagot ( )

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The main objectives of this evaluation are to provide the relevant services of the European Union and the interested stakeholders with:

  • an overall independent assessment of the past performance of the MEDSTAT IV Programme, paying particular attention to its results measured against its objectives;
  • key lessons and recommendations in order to improve current (if relevant) and future Actions.

In particular, this evaluation will feed into the Commission decision finding process whether the funding of a fifth edition of the MEDSTAT Programme is in line with the European Union's strategic priorities for the Southern Neighbourhood region. A possible fifth edition will need to be informed on the progress made by the MEDSTAT IV Programme, per activity and per country and will benefit from a neutral party's view on the lessons learnt.


Minimum requirements of the team

  • At least five years of experience in the management of EU projects on good governance and cooperation projects in positions of project manager, team leader or key expert. Experience in regional projects would be an advantage;
  • At least five years of experience in the field of statistics and capacity building for data production. Specific expertise in official statistics and in the Southern Neighbourhood region would be an asset;
  • At least five assignments covering training needs and capacity building in the public sector;
  • At least five assignments in the evaluation of EU development and cooperation projects out of which at least three evaluations targeted regional programmes/projects.
  • Extensive experience in the field of international cooperation, of which preferably 3 years with North Africa or Middle East.

Language skills of the team:

  • English;
  • French;
  • Arabic would be an asset.

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