Development of the Enterprise Architecture for the National School of Government (NSG)

South Africa
Key expert 4: Supply Chain Management (SCM) Programming and technical support expert - Cat. III
Expected Start
03 June 2019
80 working days
20 March 2019
Aylin Alpagot ( )

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The contract will address the following:

  • Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency through reduction in paper forms and hardcopy workflows;
  • Increase transparency and accountability;
  • Effective management of assets and resources;
  • Improve service delivery (internal and external);
  • Support decision-making process by providing the required data instantaneously;
  • Facilitate the daily work by automating the processes, which reduce reliance on paperwork;
  • Integration of all IT and SIS systems to ensure high quality of information.

These outcomes will be achieved by doing the following:

  • Creating a common source of integrated information;
  • Implement Complete Student Information Management System covering all processes in the training life cycle and fully integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Financial and HR systems with Document Management System;
  • Establish effective process workflow for the training processes with no missing or incorrect information using presented documents from the citizen mentioned in the procedure;
  • Provide a single point of entry when capturing learner and other information;
  • Establish full audit trails on all captured data and introduce instant messaging capabilities;
  • Improve current reporting capabilities, and introduce management reporting capabilities;
  • Full Document Management System functions as tracking, versioning and auditing;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation for all training life cycle phases.

The service provider shall ensure meeting the following specific objectives (SOs):

  • SO 1 - Develop an overall NSG ICT technical support, upgrade and maintenance plan for the medium term;
  • SO 2 - Provide technical and programming assistance, including training of NSG staff, to enable the Student Information System (SIS) to be rolled out and functional within the NSG;
  • SO 3 - Provide technical support and programming assistance, including training of NSG staff for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP);
  • SO 4 - Provide technical support and programming assistance, including training of NSG staff for the Document Management System (DMS).



  • At least a Masters' Degree academic level in ICT;
  • In the absence of a Master's Degree academic level, a Bachelor's Degree academic level in ICT will be considered with at least 2 years' relevant experience in addition to the 3 years of general professional experience.

General professional experience

  • At least 3 years' experience in the fields described in section 2 (digital technologies and services) of Lot 2 -Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs.

Specific Professional expertise

  • At least 2 experiences in the programming and development of SCM systems;
  • At least 1 experience in designing ICT or ERP tools and;
  • At least 2 experiences in the development of SCM management IT systems;
  • Experience with transfer and management of SCM management systems and databases is an advantage;
  • ICT experience in the education or training sector is an advantage.

Language skills

  • Compulsory: Excellent writing skills in English.

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