Assessment of the 2nd tranche of the Budget Support Programme ''EU Support to the Implementation of the National Solid Waste Management Strategy'' in Jordan.

Expert 2 – category II
Expected Start
01 September 2019
25 working days
10 June 2019
Mert Perk ( )

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The overall objective of the assessment is to provide a detailed review and overall assessment of the implementation of the EU Sector Reform Contract in support to the Budget Support programme "Support to the Implementation of the National Solid Waste Management Strategy" in Jordan (Programme Number ENI/2016/039-601 and ENI/2017/040-316) in order to assist the European Union in taking an informed decision on the payment of the second variable disbursement tranche of the budget support programme.

The Specific Objectives of this contract are as it follows:

  1. To assess the eligibility criteria of the General Conditions for the release of the second variable tranche of the programme;
  2. To assess the progress made on the performance indicators under the specific conditions for the same variable tranche mentioned in point 1 above.


- Category and duration of equivalent experience

Expert Category II - If an expert does not have a Master's Degree, she/he should have at least a Bachelor's degree and 12 months of experience in addition to the 5 years of general professional experience required.

- Education

Master Degree, or equivalent level of education, in a related field in legal affairs, preferably with a focus on infrastructure, or similar.

- Experience

6 years of professional experience in the area of legal policies for solid waste management systems, or similar.

- Language skills

Excellent written and spoken English and excellent written and spoken Arabic. The legal expert should be fluent in speaking, writing and reading Arabic.

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