Appraisal of Demand for Support to Promotion of the Concept of Entrepreneurial Universities in Belarus

1 Expert: Education, Research and Innovation Expert (category 1)
Expected Start
13 January 2020
50 working days
11 December 2019
Mert Perk ( )

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Global objective

  • To support research, innovation and entrepreneurship at the Higher Education Institutions in Belarus.

Specific objectives

  • To assess the current landscape of initiatives promoting linkage between higher education, research and innovation and entrepreneurial development in universities in Belarus.
  • To validate EU support in the area of innovations, research and higher education.
  • To develop options for possible EU support to the development and re-enforcement of the concept of Entrepreneurial University under the EU – Belarus cooperation programme.



  • Category I expert: at least Master's Degree in a field relevant for the activities of education, research and innovation or, in its absence, at least 5 additional years of general professional experience on top of the 12 required under general experience.

Specific professional experience

  • Preferably more than 7 years but at least 5 years of working experience in the area relevant to the assignment in the EU or ENPI/ENI/IPA beneficiary countries or post-Soviet countries.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in provision advice or carrying analysis/ assessment in the area of research and innovation.
  • Experience in EU funded projects including ENPI/ENI/IPA beneficiary countries will be an advantage.

Language skills

  • The expert must be fluent in English and Russian.

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